• What is SwiftecFx.com?

    SwiftecFx.com is a smart, high-frequency and algorithmic trading platform. Our system is designed to make just a tiny profit on each transaction, but through sheer speed and volume, we generate large returns. Hence, we don’t risk a lot but we do profit a lot. You can learn more in the About us section.

  • Is SwiftecFx.com a registered an legal company?

    Yes, SwiftecFx.com is registered in the United Kingdom as "SwiftecFx.com" with the following registration number: 496210

  • Who can be our client?

    Any individual who has reached the legal age can become a client of SwiftecFx.com. You do not require any special knowledge about the investment market to use our services.

  • How can i open my SwiftecFx.com account?

    To become our client you will need to fill out the registration form with all the required information and accept our terms of service. The registration form is located here.

  • May i open several accounts in your program?

    No, only one account per physical person is allowed. If there are multiple persons who are living in the same household their accounts must not be referred to each other. If this rule is violated all involved accounts will be blocked without an option to refund the involved funds.

  • How to invest?

    After authorization you have to log in and navigate to the deposit page. There you will be presented with the deposit form. Enter the deposit amount and click on "Make a Deposit". The payment details will be generated and you will have to complete the payment form your chosen wallet.

  • How much can i invest?

    You can make a deposit starting from just $100 and there are no maximum limits.

  • How many deposit can i have simultaneously?

    The deposit count is not limited. Each of your deposits is treated individually and has its own profit accrual times.

  • How long is the investment duration?

    The 4% hourly investment package has an unlimited investment duration. For the other packages, accruals are calculated hourly or daily until the plan is finished. This means you can withdraw your accruals either hourly or daily, according to the plan you’ve chosen. The minimum investment period is 10 hours.

  • When will my deposit be activated?

    Your deposit will be activated after the transaction has at least 1 confirmation. This process usually takes from 10 minutes to 2 hours. You can read more information here: http://bitcoinsimplified.org/learn-more/confirmations

  • What if after confirmation my deposit is still not active?

    In such case, please send us a message from our contact page or via support@SwiftecFx.com Include the following data: 1) Your username 2) The exact amount of the deposit in BitCoin 3) The address, to which the payment was sent 4) The transaction ID/Hash (TXID)

  • When will the first profit be generated?

    Profit accruals are generated on an hourly or daily basis, the first accrual can be available after 1 hour from the moment your deposit is activated.